Success Stories

Derya Güneş

Thanks to Moneye, I saw that I was spending a lot of unnecessary expenses. I owe my awareness to Moneye. I’m hopeful for my future. We succeed together. Moneye is affecting all areas of my life. I act rationally and I’m better at crisis management than before.

Derya Güneş Civil Servant
Sermin Toksöz

We are saving money, we have a goal and I will make it happen with your support to achieve this goal. I’m grateful for the day when my path crossed with Moneye and Özlem Denizmen. In fact, we realized that we could not apply what we already knew. So glad that I have you, my friend Moneye :)) Thank you, Moneye team and Özlem Denizmen!

Sermin Toksöz Housemaker
Celalettin Deniz

I can say that participating in the Moneye program has been a milestone for me. Both my motivation and my savings are increasing. Thank you!

Celalettin Deniz Retired Officer
Havva Çağlar Uğantaş

Thank goodness, we bought our house finally! I would like to thank Moneye and Özlem Denizmen for writing to me tirelessly. Thank you so much for encouraging me, my husband and even my children to save.

Havva Çağlar Uğantaş Nurse
Meliha Yaman

I feel lucky as a Moneye member. Moneye helped me set goals. As I was writing on Moneye, I noticed that my awareness had improved, thus I gained my financial freedom. Thanks Moneye!

Meliha Yaman Student
Fatma Us

Before Moneye, I was spending money, borrowing money on cards, and living on external installments. Moneye made me gain a useful perspective.

Fatma Us Healthcare Worker
Aziz Yılmazer

I feel stronger when I achieve the goal I set. Moneye supported my determination to achieve my goals and allowed me to be in control of my money for the rest of my life. Thanks Moneye!

Aziz Yılmazer Machinist
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